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Einbauset für Ø48mm mechan. Tacho M12

für mechanischen Tachometer Ø48mm (Anschluss M12)

Einbauset 48mm für mechanische Tachometer (M-Tacho) mit Tachowellenanschluss M12

- verzinktes Stahlblech, blau chromatiert
- inkl. Auflagering
- inkl. Schenkelkappen
- inkl. Befestigungsmuttern

Dear customers and partners,

The worldwide shortages of raw materials have led to massive delays in deliveries from our suppliers and thus to problems in our production.

For these reasons, we cannot offer the full range of parts at the moment.
Products that can be ordered will usually be produced within 2-3 weeks.
We always try to meet our deadlines, but we ask for your understanding if it takes a little longer in these times where it is really difficult to plan!

Products that are currently missing will gradually be made available again.

The MMB team